☛ Reminders For My Muslimah Sisters.

●If you started wearing Hijaab, just continue using it. Don’t just keep it when you wanted to and remove it when you don’t want. You are not fooling others but you are fooling your Creator ALLAAH and yourself. What’s the purpose of your Hijaab? Go on and please check on yourself and your Niyyah. It’s not a fashion. But wear it with PASSION. Remember it’s indeed FARDHU! We will be questioned in the hereafter and will be punished thru it. May ALLAAH guide us all and may he enlighten our hearts.
Allahumma Aamiiiiin.
Reminding to my Beloved Sisters in Islam. I saw lots and lots of sisters who do this. May ALLAAH purify their intentions as well as mine. In Shaa ALLAAH..
No Harsh feelings, if the truth hurts then let it be and start acting according to what is pleasing to your Rabb.FB_IMG_15149969667612315


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